ProfilepicWelcome to xo Diva on a Dime!

I am completely obsessed with everything makeup and beauty! Unfortunately, my wallet does not agree with my obsession! My best friends know that I am the first one to bust out a coupon and get us a deal. I want to be able to pass on the information I know for my beauty loving friends!

One of the things I love to do is watch beauty gurus on Youtube! They are fun to watch even though I am not skilled at doing makeup like them… at all. I have always watched their hauls from the drugstore and thought “who can afford 10 of the same lip gloss??” Well now I can using coupons and my collection is slowly growing.

This site will help you find all of the best makeup deals found in stores using coupons. My style of couponing is: the easier and quicker the better! Enjoy!

Please check out Coupon 101 if you are a beginner. If not, go to the Stores page to start finding deals!

P.S. I also love to watch reviews of makeup products and DIY-ing clothes, so hopefully I can add some of those later on.. stay tuned!


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