Coupon 101

Using coupons can be a little scary when you first start. There are certain stores that are easier to coupon at than others and it all depends on the employees at each store. I suggest to start with one store and buy just a couple items. Once you are comfortable you can start doing some big hauls!

True story: The VERY first time I couponed I went to Walmart. I only bought 2 items and had 2 coupons that would make the items moneymakers! Meaning I would actually get money back for purchasing the products. I handed the cashier the items and my coupons and she immediately looked concerned. She brought over a manager and told her “I don’t think we are allowed to take these if they get money back”. The manager said “yeah..just take them its one of those extreme couponing things”. I was so embarrassed, but besides being embarrassed I was annoyed! I wasn’t “extreme couponing”.. I only had 2 items!

Moral of the story: Not everyone understands using coupons, but they are the ones missing out! Never feel embarrassed of using coupons. We are all one big coupon community! We got eachothers others back! Either way I walked out with my free items and was happy with my purchase and have continued to use coupons successfully!

I have come a long way since then and so will you! You’ll be a pro in no time. The way I think of it is, if I save on these drugstore products than i’ll have more $$ to spend on the high-end brand makeup when I want to splurge a little!


Follow the steps below to becoming a pro!

Step 1: Where do I find coupons?

Step 2: Lazy girls guide to organizing coupons

Step 3: How to use coupons

Step 4: Talk the Talk Dictionary

Step 5: Store Promo guide & Coupon Policies

Step 6: Get ready to score some deals!



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